Simple E-Mail Readings

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This is ideal for clients who would like to have their spiritual
insights to refer to at a future date. Or if you are an international
client, this will be useful to you.

  • You do not require to have a Dilani Diva call System account to
    receive a e-mail reading.
    HOWEVER Please sign up for our news letter’s and daily sayings. After
    all , life is about learning and growing together.

 Please pick the option that suites you best.

This is for short easy questions.
and so your reply is going to be the same.

  1. Please make it ONEaspect per question.
  2. Your questions need to be
    short and precise.
  3. If you need longer more
    detailed answers please use the in depth reading service. Thank you.


Question E-MailREADING
Question E-MailREADING



( PAYMENT HAS TO BE RECEIVED BEFORE READING this is not a free service )

Please Fill out this Form so that I have your questions at hand. Please
allow 2 to 3 days for reply. If this is urgent PLEASE write it in the
body of your e-mail. Thank y


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