About Psychic Readings

how a reading  can help you

  • It can bring clarity to an unclear situation
  • It can help you gain more wisdom
  • A reading can help you prevent making unwise choices and give you      better options.
  • It can make you prepare for the future in a more directed way.
  • Help you understand more of your own life’s purpose.
  • Help you to understand others.
  • See how others relate to you.
  • Understand what your own guides and inner intuition is guiding you.
  • Help you connect with you higher self…….and much more. 
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How to prep for a reading

  • It is important, however, to understand how the Psychic and Spiritual reading works.
  • It is NOT a fortune telling. It is directed by you and your desire and how the universe responds to it.
  • To get a productive reading try to clear your mind before you call.
  • If you are going through a confusing time ( we all do at some points of our life ) Then it would be wise to WRITE down the questions you have in your mind. That will be a tool to refer back to and remain grounded.Remember, that you can make a change in your path . So make a change for the better and you will have the best life now. May the blessings of the universe remain with you now and always. Yours Faithfully. Dilani Diva
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What is a Psychic Medium

Every Reader has their own way of helping you find your truth !

All of us have some spiritual gifts. Some of it cannot be seen or heard but only felt, and some others only through deep realization. A psychic is not necessarily a medium. The medium must understand what the spirit world is conveying to us, but also interpret the message clearly . ( and this can be tough since they don’t really chat like we do ) The Medium must step away from their own experience and embrace the experience of the client. Not every one is able to handle all these steps within a few minutes of connecting. It can take inner wisdom and also many years of practice to achieve this. Their are many psychic experiences that surround us each day. Most true mediums have dedicated their lives towards their cause. Channeling takes up a lot of energy and can leave a person a little drained. It is always good for a medium to be a spiritual person and also have a kind nature, in order to render the message to their client in the best possible way of the spirit.

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Guidance and Life Coaching

How you conduct your path- has a huge bearing on your prediction

Dilani’s gift as a medium does not stop there. If you needed help through a hard period in your life she would be happy to help you. Many of her clients just call her for daily advise.She is very kind and empowering, helping you to channel your energies in the right way and get through the situation what ever it may be. She will used her guides to help you make the best choice and choose the best path that you have ahead of you.  

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