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Some of my sessions can last a few minutes and these are mainly clients that need a short reading with questions such as
“ will he or she be calling me ?” 
Or will my finances get better? 
or we work on longer sessions with questions such as “ How can I make my finances work better for me. 
Here you and I with Liana my angel will sit to discuss, share and come to deliberate action choices. We will look at what you present situation is, look at the blocks that you may have,
We will find ways to over come these blocks and also look at your talents and strong points, so that we can use this to help you achieve you dream.
Life is better when our dreams become realities. And in the process of getting there it is wonderful to be aware and mindful of our own growth. 
To us there is Never what some may call “a full potential” for our ability to learn and advance and change each day and each moment sets its own standard for that period of time.So we work to reach many paths of continual progress. For we believe that it was what we were initially         destined to do

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