his is a simple question. I will look at a specific aspect of a situation but it will not hold many in-depth answers. It will not be a simple yes or no. More a gentle insight to something that will be pertinent to you. May it be a person or a situation
eg/ What are the thoughts and feelings of my loved on towards me?  eg/ how is my work going to be in the next three months, can I improve it?  



This particular service has three simple questions, regarding three separate situations.
  eg/ 1 what are my lovers feelings towards me?  
2 What is the best way to handle my boss 3 Can you see me buying real estate this year?s.



This is a special reading for you and your love. 
Please include all names and questions clearly. I will also need your birth months.
Include your names. And some background for which you want me to read on. For a detailed reading I will look at 7 aspects/ questions within this reading. Please be clear in your quarry. Thank you so much. 


 Please send in your Question/ s first before you make your payment, 

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