This is a simple question. I will look at a specific aspect of a situation but it will not hold many in-depth answers. It will not be a simple yes or no. More a gentle insight to something that will be pertinent to you. May it be a person or a situation
eg/ What are the thoughts and feelings of my loved on towards me?  eg/ how is my work going to be in the next three months, can I improve it?  


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three question reading

This particular service has three simple questions, regarding three separate situations.
  eg/ 1 what are my lovers feelings towards me?  
2 What is the best way to handle my boss 3 Can you see me buying real estate this year? 


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in depth reading

 Many of us have a deeper desire to know fully or as much as we can some element and personal journey of your life. This can involve several aspects or just one element… It must be focussed on two or three aspects of your life and not more as each of these aspects will be looked at with depth and with a fuller understanding. Such as 
eg/ Where is my life going on with regard to my work my love and how can I make things better in this journey? 


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This is a special reading for you and your love. 
Please include all names and questions clearly. I will also need your birth months

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