“If I had to describe Dilani in three words, they would be: amazing, amazing, amazing. I remember the first time she told me what I could expect to happen in regard to my money situation; her words were uplifting and calming. I remember thinking: “Wow. I really hope it does come out that way.” But there was a part of me that really wondered if it would indeed come to pass. Then, several weeks later, events began unfolding just as she had said, and I felt a bit faint for the world had become surreal. Even the smaller details were fully accurate. It is an understatement to say I was blown away by her predictions. Dilani is a massive talent.

It is a blessing to all who seek council that we have someone such as Dilani (as well as Liliana, her spirit guide) here to help us through our plights and questionings. Because not only does she share with us her gift of clairvoyance, she provides sound counseling that has helped me considerably, insights that only the spirit world can provide. I hope to be able to consult her for some time to come.”


Dilani is truly an angel walking this earth. She has helped me more than words can say these past few months. She warned me a few weeks ago to abstain from a certain discussion with my guy and I fell to my emotions and found out the hard way she was right. I paid a painful price. Through her guidance I have learned to “repair” things and know what is to come. Her have been HIGHLY accurate and her guidance immeasurable. She has been a blessing to me and I highly recommend her to everyone. She is compassionate, genuine and truly gifted. Thanks Dilani! You are my angel. Julie

Dilani is such a sweet person. She is extremely caring and attentive. No matter what the situation she tells only what she sees with such a positive perspective that it will leave you hopeful. I say definitely give her a call.

After speaking with you tears of joy filled my eyes thank you and most of all thank God for guiding me in the right direction through you…GOD BLESS YOU in a mighty way.

What a kind, wise, accurate reading. Thank you so much Dilani Diva. I will now move in a different direction, both in my way of thinking and my actions. Forever grateful, E.

I called Dilani, who is very kind, and detailed, to let her know her prediction came true..rather quickly actually..4 days, which I was not expecting, but it was a pleasant surprise. She truly has a natural gift..no prodding questions, she just came forth with the information, and I will return for more insight from time to time. I recommend her highly.

I am a frequent client and am very thankful for your continued insights. They have proven to be a great guide and I have never been dissatisfied with your predictions. Thanks again.


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